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Gif courtesy of 2. Take 3 sips every time Kelly is completely oblivious to Ryan's actual feelings (AKA annoyed AF). Gif courtesy of 3. Take a shot if Jim pulls a full-on prank on Dwight. Bonus points if it's a Jell-O shot and you're watching the pilot. Gif courtesy of 4.

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To start the game, get blindfolded (hyperbolically) and play one episode of the Office on your favorite device. You can go with your favorite or the funniest, but we think it's always more fun when you pick it randomly. Now, we categorized all our rules into 3 main sections: take a sip, take a shot, and finish your drink.

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The Office Drinking Game (Higher Frequency) The higher frequency game is the standard The Office Drinking Game with a few additions. Take a sip of your drink when any of the incidents above or below occur: You laugh. You wanted higher frequency. Every time you laugh, have another sip! Michael exits his office to address everyone.

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The first rule of the game is to have fun. Don't take the game too seriously, and use the opportunity to bond with friends over a great TV show, drinks, and laughter. The second rule is to ensure you drink responsibly. Below are some tips on how to ensure responsible drinking and gameplay. Pace Yourself: Drinking games can get pretty intense.

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This 'The Office' Drinking Game Will Get You Drunker Than Meredith On Moroccan Christmas. Beware: You may get kicked out of Chili's. By Julia Smith Published: Jun 26, 2019. Save Article.

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Attention, fans of The Office! If you're looking to add a fun twist to your next binge-watching session, look no further than The Office Drinking Game. Grab a few friends and your favored beverages while enjoying the shenanigans of Michael, Dwight, Jim, Pam, and the rest of the Dunder Mifflin crew.

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The Office (US) Drinking Game. This is a The Office (US) drinking game. It's impossible to keep up with 15-20 drinking game rules. We limit our rules to 10. Each time a rule occurs, you take a drink. We don't have any rules that tell you to finish drinks or make stupid fucking noises.

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The Office drinking game is a fantastic way to enjoy the hilarious antics of your favorite characters while adding a fun and interactive element. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the rules of the Office drinking game, provide creative ideas for drinking cues, and share tips to ensure a memorable and responsible gaming experience..

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The Office Drinking Game Ideas. The Office inspired cocktails: Farm Boy Swill: one shot beet-infused vodka, one shot purple carrot juice, one shot pineapple juice, and one shot lemon juice over ice. The Meredith Palmer: one shot limoncello, 1oz simple syrup, 1oz lemon juice, 3oz brewed iced tea, and a lemon slice over ice. The Kelly Kapoor: one shot whiskey over ice in a glass filled the rest.

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Drinking Game /. The Office (US) Drink every time you hear Michael say "That's What She Said". Take two drinks if someone else says it. Three if Michael gets annoyed. Down the whole drink when everyone except Michael says it in "Beach Games". Drink every time Michael gets a metaphor wrong. Drink every time Michael says or does something.

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The Office drinking game is definitely one of the best tv show drinking games out there. There are so many opportunities to laugh out loud and all in all, it's a really enjoyable series. With that being said, let's dive right into The Office drinking game instructions! Take one sip when: Jim looks into the camera and smirks ; Meredith drinks

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Experience an unforgettable night with friends playing Drunkdeck, the ultimate free online drinking party game! With hundreds of daring questions & challenges, from easy to extreme, bring your group closer & guarantee a wild & fun-filled time. Get ready to have a blast & get everyone SUPER drunk!

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The Office drinking game is the perfect way to kick off a fun night with your friends or partner. It can be played with any amount of players. Category: TV, Series & Movies Drinking Games Tags: netflix, series, the office. Description.

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The Office Drinking Game Rules. Get ready for a solid night ahead of you. There's a high chance of you (and your friends) getting drunk with this game, and always remember to drink responsibly! Note: You can use this list for any/all seasons while playing The Office Drinking Game since it's pretty generic. You can also write these down or.

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The Office Drinking Game For Every Character. September 27, 2020. This is probably our longest drinking game ever, but The Office deserves nothing less! Enjoy all the pranks, each awkward moment, and every "that's what she said" with these 35 Office drinking game rules. The Office Collectible Character Shot Glass Drinking Game.

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The Office Drinking Game is the ultimate way to elevate your binge-watching experience of this hilarious mockumentary sitcom. With a fun and adaptable set of rules around your favorite Dunder Mifflin employees, you'll laugh even more as you share drinks with friends or partners during each iconic scene from Scranton's finest paper company.