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01. Sparkly decoration sugars are available from fun-loving baking retailers. 02. Add a cherry or candy cane as a garnish for extra festive cheer. 03. Substitute vodka if you don't have any light rum handy.

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THE GRINCH COCKTAIL 1/2 oz. (15ml) Vodka 1 1/2 oz. (45ml) Melon Liqueur 3 Lime Wedges Top with Ginger Ale Rim: Green Sugar Garnish: Lime Wheel, Candy Cane PREPARATION 1. Rim the edge of a rocks glass using lime juice and green sugar. 2. Drop 3 lime wedges into the base of a shaker and muddle. 3. Add ice and pour in vodka and melon liqueur. Shake.

The Grinch Cocktail Recipe

The average alcohol content for the original Grinch is 14 percent ABV (28 proof). With vodka or rum, it will fall in the 20 percent ABV (40 proof) range, or about the strength of the cosmopolitan. Because it includes soda, the absinthe Grinch is milder and can be as low as 11 percent ABV (22 proof) when made with 3 ounces of ginger ale.

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Directions. Save to My Recipes. Step 1 In a large pitcher combine Kool-Aid and water. Step 2 Add ice, soda, pineapple juice, vodka, and ginger ale. Step 3 Use a lime wedge to rim glasses and dip.

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It's Christmas", and there's no better way to celebrate than with this Grinch Cocktail! Packed with blue curaçao, pineapple juice, and vodka, this cocktail is sure to get you in the holiday spirit and evoke those Dr. Seuss childhood memories.. Pour the drink over and garnish with a maraschino cherry. 2.. Change it up with a different.

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Recipe. How to make Grinch Punch Drink. To make the Grinch Punch, follow these steps: Chill Ingredients: Make sure the Sprite, fruit punch, and alcohol are chilled. Sherbet Base: In a large punch bowl, add the lime sherbet. Mix Liquids: Pour in the Sprite, green fruit punch, vodka, and white rum. Stir Gently: Stir the mixture gently to combine.

Grinch Drink Recipe Shugary Sweets

To make a Grinch mimosa, gather your ingredients and glassware. This recipe makes up to eight mimosas when using 8 ounce champagne flutes. If you'd like to add a sugared rim to your champagne flutes, do so before pouring your drinks. First, add 3 ounces of orange juice to each champagne flute. Next, add ½ an ounce of blue curacao to each glass.

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The Grinch Cocktail. Yield: 1. Prep Time: 5 minutes. Cook Time: 5 minutes. Additional Time: 5 minutes. Total Time: 15 minutes. The Grinch Cocktail recipe is one of our favorite drink recipes to make for the holiday season. Inspired by Mr. Grinch, it's a green cocktail with fruity flavors and a boozy kick just for the adults.

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Add simple syrup to a plate, set to the side. Add red sanding sugar to a plate, set to the side. Then roll rim of the glasses in the simple syrup then into the red sanding sugar. Set glasses to the side. Add ice to the glass. In a cocktail shaker add your liquors and juice. Pour your mix into your glass.

Grinch Drink Shugary Sweets

1. Spicy Sweet Grinch Cocktail. The Spicy Sweet Grinch Cocktail is a perfect holiday drink for those who love a little bit of spice in their cocktails. Made with vodka, fresh lime juice, grapefruit juice, jalapeños, and ginger beer, this cocktail has a perfect balance of sweetness and spiciness.

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To make this Grinch cocktail recipe first place some red sanding sugar on a plate. Dip the rim of a glass in water then dip it in the sugar to coat the rim. Place ice cubes in the glass. Pour Midori and vodka into the glass. Add pineapple juice and lime juice. Top the drink with lemon lime soda and stir the drink - no cocktail shaker needed here.

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Pour the vodka in first. Step 2: Pour the Midori. Top off with the 7UP or similar soda of choice. Step 3: Top off with the 7UP or similar soda of choice. Step 4: Give a slight stir with the cocktail spoon and enjoy! Oh, let me tell you about the Grinch Cocktail, an absolute gem in the world of festive drinks!

Grinch Cocktail Recipes What Does The Grinch Drink In The Movie, What

Instructions. Grab your mason jar and decorate the edge of the glass rim with red sparkle gel. Add Grinch Juice Heart to outside of jar. Once decorated, place your ice cubes into the glass. Next, pour in 1 oz of sweet melon liqueur, 1 oz of green apple vodka, and stir. Carefully pour in 2 oz of lemon-lime soda, stir and serve.

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4 ounce Bacardi Rum (I use the citrus rum, but any variety works) 1/2 cup. . 12 ounce orange juice 1 1/2 cups. . 4 ounce lemon-lime pop (7Up or Sprite work great) 1/2 cup. . 4 ounce Blue Curacao liquor 1/2 cup. . maraschino cherries and orange slices for garnish, optional.

The Grinch Cocktail The Toasty Kitchen

How to Make Tipsy Grinch Punch: First, start by adding all of your ingredients into a bowl and mix well. Next, make the cocktail glass by wetting just the rim of the glass. You need the rim to be wet or sticky before you add the red sanding sugar. I often like to use a bit of corn syrup on my finger, rub it along the rim then dip the top of the.

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The red in the drink mimics the Grinch's heart the classic original Grinch theme. A tasty drink that is easy to make and served over ice. Make a couple of glasses or a pitcher to serve a larger crowd. This Grinch drink is great for a Christmas celebration to get you in the holiday spirit. Leave out the alcohol to make a non-alcoholic drink.