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Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin. Falling somewhere between a New Western style and classic London Dry, Gunpowder blends juniper, zesty bergamot, and a spray of saline notes on the nose. The palate.

17 of the best pink gin brands to try this year

Silent Pool Gin boasts a smooth, floral profile with just the right amount of citrus backbone. Silent Pool can be a bit tricky to find outside of the U.K., but if you're able to score a bottle, you're in for a springy treat! This 43%-ABV gin is priced at around $40 and makes for a divine French 75 or Tom Collins.

17 of the best pink gin brands to try this year

Monkey 47. Monkey 47 is already an interesting gin, made at a distillery in Germany's Black Forest from a blend of 47 botanicals. But each year the distillery also releases Distiller's Cut, a.

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At Hawksmoor, the Ultimate Martini—one of the bar's most popular drinks—is made with this gin, which is Montgomerie's everyday pick. "It has a classic London dry flavor profile and loads of juniper and citrus up front," he says. "It makes an incredibly delicious Martini.". Price: $31 (750 milliliters) ABV: 45%. Purchase.

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As its name would indicate, it's infused with 47 herbs and botanicals. This includes juniper berries, cloves, lavender, jasmine, spruce, lingonberries, and more. This Monkey 47 gin is a symphony.

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Notable Gin Brands with Floral Notes. Well-known brands include Hendrick's, Hendrick's Flora Adora, Hendrick's Lunar, Hana, Uncle Val's Botanical, Bloom Jasmine & Rose, Glendalough, Indoggo and Monkey 47. It is key to understand that floral gin brands vary greatly in flavor so tasting them is the first step for mixing and blending.

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A Gin Spritz with Wildflower #2 is earthy with a touch of sweetness and soft notes of hay and daisies. Aside from recipes with a dedicated floral element, floral flair can be given to other gin drinks by simply substituting a floral liqueur for sugar syrup. Here are some examples. Bouquet Bramble. 25ml gin; 25ml lemon juice; 15ml sugar syrup

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Founder, Duncan McLean: "Houselight Gin is our brand new traditional London Dry expression… we now light up the house with this wonderfully floral expression to bathe the audience in a glow of hibiscus, jasmine, fresh lemon peel and angelica." Buy direct from Green Room Distillery; Gin & Tonic Garnish Suggestion: Houselight is best served and perfectly paired with a classic Tonic Water and a.

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Free walk-in tastings over the weekend, including gins, wine, craft beer & whisky. We also offer space for private tastings. Enjoy amazing monthly specials and swift delivery to home & offices! Learn about the best gins produced in South Africa including Six Dogs Blue, Inverroche, Autograph, Muti Gin & more!

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24. Gin, Grapefruit and Elderflower Cocktail. The Gin, Grapefruit and Elderflower Cocktail is a refreshing and floral drink that balances sweet and tart flavors with ruby red grapefruit juice and elderflower liqueur. The smooth Hendrick's gin adds a subtle juniper flavor that doesn't overpower the other ingredients.

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The Story: With a name like "Bloom," this had better be a floral gin. Luckily, the name isn't deceiving. Bloom is made at G&J Distillery in England using a base of three key botanicals.

The Rose Petal Gin. Huisgin van Colruyt én oervlaams!

The 19 Best Gin Brands You Can Buy At Any Price Point. This contemporary style gin features "unique floral and herbal notes from 19 different botanicals used during the distillation process.

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Tanqueray London Dry Gin is bottled at a slightly higher strength than most gin, which makes the flavor profile beautifully bold. Depending on the market it's sold in, you'll find it bottled from 43.1 percent to 47.3 percent ABV (86.2 to 94.6 proof). You can mix this gin into any cocktail and it won't get lost.

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The Floradora is a classic gin cocktail everyone will love! Raspberry, lime, and bubbly ginger beer are the perfect pairing with floral gin. Here's a light, bubbly classic cocktail that's flown under the radar for too long: the Floradora!This beautifully pink drink was inspired by a Broadway show by the same name and dates back to the early 1900's.

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By Danielle de Wolfe. 11 October 2023. Prepare to embrace the enchanting and mysterious world of Hendrick's Gin, as the brand invites you into its Cabinet of Curiosities to unveil an all-new release. After all, there's nothing ShortList loves more than a gin-based adventure - particularly when it comes in the form of a floral-tinged tipple.

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Aviation Cocktail. This is the purple version of the cherry blossom cocktail, and just as tasty. It has a sweet and tart flavour that'll make your tastebuds tingle. Like the cherry blossom, it uses gin, maraschino liqueur, and lemon juice, but swaps out the elderflower liqueur for crème de violette or violet syrup.