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Assembling Hot Chocolate Bombs. Flip over three of the molds to be filled. Fill each of the three halves with 2 tablespoons of the chocolate milk powder and 1 tablespoon of mini marshmallows. Place the other three halves, seam-side down, on a separate baking sheet. Place the sheet on top of the pot of warm water over low heat to slightly melt.

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Hot Chocolate Bombs are spheres of chocolate, filled with hot chocolate powder mix and marshmallows for a fancy and delicious hot drink on a cold night. We're even giving you four extra flavor combinations! Jump to Recipe

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1 / 11 Madi Koetting/Taste Of Home Harry & David Winter Designs Hot Chocolate Bombs The winter designs on these Belgian hot chocolate bombs scream, "I'm ready to cozy up with a Christmas movie." The Harry & David gift comes with six bombs featuring a snowman, a Christmas tree and snowflake designs. The best part?

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1. BomBombs Hot Chocolate Bombs, $24.99 Fudge, caramel, and marshmallows, oh my! This chocolate bomb has it all: fudge, caramel, and marshmallows. Each candied BomBomb sphere is wrapped in metallic foil and the set of five is housed in a beautiful box. All that's missing is an invitation to a one-on-one date with Harry Styles. Available at Amazon.

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Let sit at room temperature until the chocolate is completely hardened, 15 to 30 minutes. Fill with cocoa and marshmallows. Place 2 teaspoons hot cocoa mix, 3 to 4 mini marshmallows, and 1/2 teaspoon sprinkles if desired into each liner. Close the bombs with more chocolate.

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Pastry Brush You'll use this to brush the melted chocolate into your spheres and also for decorating. A Skillet or Other Shallow Pan When you're ready to place the two halves of your HCB.

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1 Most Festive Winter Hot Chocolate Bombs $20 at Harry & David 2 For Harry Potter Fans Harry Potter Snitch Hot Chocolate Bomb $8 at Williams Sonoma 3 Most Traditional Belgian Hot Chocolate Bomb with Mini Marshmallows $9 at Amazon 4 Best Gift Set Hot Chocolate Bomb Gift Set $40 at 5 1,600+ Reviews Variety Hot Chocolate Bombs

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A hot chocolate bomb is a fun new way to enjoy a mug of hot cocoa. Simply place the bomb in a mug. Pour piping hot milk on top and watch as the bomb melts exposing the ingredients inside. You may have seen hot chocolate bombs to purchase, but with a few guidelines it's easy to make your own and create unique new flavors too.

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Jump to Recipe Hot chocolate bombs are the most fabulous Christmas treat to arrive on the scene since peppermint bark. These spheres of decadence (also called hot cocoa bombs) are typically filled with marshmallows, hot chocolate mix, and other sweet treats.

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SALE 4,6&12pks large gourmet Christmas hot cocoa bombs perfect stocking stuffers and gifts. (119) $19.20. $32.00 (40% off) Hot Cocoa Bombs 6 (Six) LG hand-crafted gourmet Ghirardelli Chocolate bombs. Sample pack w/full-sized bombs.

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Simply place a chocolate sphere in a mug and pour hot milk over the top and BOOM, chocolate melts into the most decadent and rich cup of hot cocoa you can imagine. They are fun for the kiddos because they are just plain magical and also a fun idea to give as gifts. Hot Chocolate Bomb Molds

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WHAT ARE HOT COCOA BOMBS? Hot cocoa bombs (or hot chocolate bombs, whichever floats your marshmallows) are adorable balls of chocolate that have a little secret inside. Place a chocolate sphere in your mug and pour over hot milk or water to melt the shell and release the hidden hot cocoa mix and marshmallows!

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Hot Chocolate Bombs (a Tutorial!) By popular demand! I have received so many requests for these hot cocoa bombs recently, and for good reason. They're adorable, fun, delicious, and absolutely blowing up the internet right now. I'm squeezing this one in just before the holidays so you can still make them and give them as a last minute gift.

The BEST Hot Chocolate Bomb Recipe + Tutorial Sugar Geek Show Hot Chocolate Bombs - Gourmet Belgian Hot Cocoa Bombs with Mini Marshmallows (Pack of 2) : Grocery & Gourmet Food Grocery & Gourmet Food › Beverages › Bottled Beverages, Water & Drink Mixes › Powdered Drink Mixes & Flavorings $799 ($7.99 / Ounce) FREE delivery March 11 - 13. Details Or fastest delivery Thursday, March 7.

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Swiss Miss Peppermint Hot Cocoa K-Cup Pods, 88 Count. $108 at Amazon. Credit: Amazon. Swiss Miss is a perennial classic for a reason—it's made with nothing more than water and the flavor is always consistent. And now you can make the same great beverage using your Keurig.

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Includes 4 Hot chocolate Bombs each made with gourmet chocolate cocoa - Simply place hot chocolate bombs into empty mug and pour 8 oz of hot milk slowly over the cocoa bombs and watch it dissolve - mix with a spoon until evenly mixed ; Makes the perfect gift for any hot chocolate lover - amazing to watch the bombs dissolve and marshmallows appear