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Transfer potatoes to a large bowl. Discard the water and remove the steamer rack from inner pot. Rinse and dry the inner pot really well with a towel. Place inner pot back in the Instant Pot. Potato Masher Instructions: Transfer the potatoes back into the inner pot, then mash the potatoes.

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Idaho Spuds (4.6/10) Very similar to the Whole Foods' brand in terms of ingredients, this brand has nothing but dehydrated potatoes and some preservatives. No off-putting flavors, slightly grainy, and bland, they reminded some of "TV-dinner mashed potatoes." Another good candidate for doctoring up with extra butter, buttermilk, cream, and herbs.

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1/4 cup sour cream. 2/3 cup instant potato flakes. Directions: Put the chicken broth, butter, and salt into a small saucepan and bring it to a boil. When it starts to boil, remove the saucepan from heat. Add the sour cream and potato flakes and stir thoroughly with a fork to ensure there aren't any pockets of dry potato flakes.

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Bonus points for the fact that it's on par with, or even cheaper than, its competitors. And considering the fact that I've seen it sold in gas stations, you should have no trouble tracking down a box. Buy: Idahoan Original Mashed Potatoes, $2.99 for 13.75 ounces at Instacart. Credit: Laura Manzano.

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Shelf Life: Up to 25 years* Total Calories: 3,840; Total Protein: 96 grams; Total Servings: 32; Mashed potatoes can be used to make nearly every meal even better, and now with our Instant Mashed Potatoes, you can enjoy their smooth taste virtually any time you want.. To prepare, simply add water (approximately 1.5 gallons are needed for the entire can) and bring these delicious mashed potatoes.

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Idahoan Idahoan Original Mashed Potatoes. Now 20% Off. $8 at Amazon $15 at Walmart. Credit: Idahoan. "I can't believe this isn't the real thing!" raved one taster. With a silky-smooth texture and.

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Place the potatoes, water, and 2 teaspoons of salt in the bowl of the Instant Pot. Secure the lid on the Instant Pot and Pressure Cook on High for 12 minutes. Quick release the pressure, reserve ¾ cup of the potato cooking water, and drain. Return the potatoes to the pot and add the garlic, olive oil, butter, and the remaining 2 teaspoons sea.

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That's why we've created a list of the best 10 instant mashed potatoes. Idahoan's Buttery Homestyle Mashed Potatoes are our favorite. They're made with 100 percent Idaho potatoes for a fluffy texture and come in a microwavable bowl. There are more delicious products on our list, so check them out!

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When you're ready, open the can, drain and rinse the potatoes, and add them to a small saucepan along with 1/4 cup of milk. Bring to a boil, boil for one minute, then remove from the heat. Now, using your family-heirloom potato masher, mash the potatoes to the desired degree of lumpiness, and stir those handmade lumps into your prepared instant.

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Best instant mashed potatoes overall. Value: 18/20 Ease of Use: 19/20 Quality: 20/20 Texture: 19/20 Flavor: 20/20 TOTAL: 96/100 We were so impressed by this pick from Bob's Red Mill, a brand that's famous for its natural, whole-grain flours, baking mixes and cereals.Non-GMO, vegan dehydrated potatoes are the sole ingredient, and the flakes are great for so much more than mashed potatoes.

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Bring water, salt, and butter to a boil on the stove top, then remove the pot from the heat and stir in the instant mashed potato mix. Heat water, milk, salt, and butter in the microwave for 3 minutes, then stir in the instant mashed potato mix. Substitute the water with chicken or vegetable stock for a richer flavor.

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Once the water is hot, carefully pour it into a heat-resistant mixing bowl. Add the instant mashed potato flakes to the hot water. The amount of flakes you use will depend on how many servings you want to make. Check the packaging for specific instructions. Stir the potato flakes and water together with a fork or a whisk.

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Instructions. In a medium saucepan bring the milk and broth to a gentle boil and stir continuously while the mixture boils for two minutes. Remove the liquids from heat and pour into a large mixing bowl. Add potato flakes and stir well with a whisk to make sure all flakes are moistened. Let sit for five minutes.

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Chef's Quality: Mashed Potatoes Complete Instant 5.43 Lb. Recommendations. Idahoan® Classic Mashed Potatoes, 4 oz (Pack of 12) dummy. Amazon Fresh, Mashed Potatoes, 26.7 Oz. dummy. Idahoan Mashed Potatoes, Buttery Golden Selects, 4.1 Ounce (Pack of 10) Try again! Details . Added to Cart. Add to Cart . Try again! Details . Added to Cart.

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Then cut potatoes into ~1 inch uniform chunks and add to Instant Pot (DO NOT use the trivet) with water or broth. Cover with lid, press "PRESSURE COOK", and set to high for 5 minutes. It will take ~5 minutes to come to pressure before beginning the 5 minute countdown.

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Pressure Cook: Add water and salt and secure lid to the pot. Cook on manual/high pressure for 10 minutes. Allow pressure to naturally release for 3-5 minutes and then quick release the remaining pressure. Drain water and season potatoes: open instant pot lid and pour out any extra water. Add milk, sour cream, butter, bouillon paste, and salt.