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First, you cook the rice in a wine/broth mixture. It only takes about 15 minutes to cook rice over a campfire. The steam from the rice cooks the seafood very quickly and you're left with a beautiful dish you can eat right out of the pan. Plus you can enjoy a glass of the rest of the wine. Win-win.

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To bind all that together, use milk, eggs, butter, and honey. Pour your batter into a thoroughly buttered, pre-heated cast-iron skillet. (You can pre-warm over the fire, charcoal briquettes, or camp stove.) Cover the skillet with tin foil and put the whole thing on the grill cooking grate or camp stove.

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We tested out top models from Barebones, Lodge, Camp Chef, and GSI to give you plenty of options to choose from. Best Overall: Lodge Cast Iron Skillet. Best Upgrade: Barebones All in One. Best Value: Camp Chef Cast Iron Skillet. Best Lightweight: GSI Guidecast Frying Pan. Best Handle: Camp Chef Heritage Skillet.

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Also, Lodge cast iron skillets are pre-seasoned, have a second helper handle on the front for better control, and feature dual pour spouts on either side of the skillet. 2. Cuisinel Cast Iron Skillet with Glass Lid. Quick Specs. Sizes: 8-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch.

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Rome 1024 Family Campfire Cast Iron Skillet with Steel and Wood Handle, 6-Inch . Visit the Rome Industries Store. 4.1 4.1 out of 5 stars 19 ratings | Search this page . $34.80 $ 34. 80. Includes $0.18 $0.18 Amazon discount. Details . This item is sold by a third-party seller. The discount is provided by Amazon.

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Best Dutch Oven: GSI Guidecast Lightweight Cast Iron Dutch Oven. Best Kettle: Snow Peak Kettle No. 1. Best Pot Set: Snow Peak Al dente Cookset. Best Percolator: Stanley Adventure Cool Grip. Best Cast Iron: Lodge 12 Inch Cast Iron Skillet. Best Folding Grill: GSI Outdoors Folding Campfire Grill. Best Budget: Reynolds Wrap.

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Make a cast iron campfire masterpiece. It's time to savor the outdoors with your next camp-cooking adventure! Delight your family and feed a crowd when you fix slow-roasted, Dutch oven favorites, savory dishes made in your Cook-It-All (a tool that really does cook it all), and classic campfire desserts.

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French Toast & Preserves Casserole. "Thankfully this recipe is the best of both worlds — it rolls everyone's beloved breakfast flavors into one easy-to-assemble, easy-to-serve dish" - The Kitchn. Get The Recipe. 4. Hash Brown Quiche With Ham and Cheddar.

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Regulating Heat With a Cast Iron Skillet. Cooking over a campfire with a cast iron skillet is not like cooking over a stove. Here are a couple of ways you can regulate heat: Distance from fire: The greater the distance, the less heat; Removing from fire completely: Cast iron retains its heat for a long time. In fact, some foods you can cook.

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Cast iron skillets are really sturdy and work well over a campfire, but they're also great for cooking at home. If you want to use your cast iron pan again for a real meal after camping, you can do that! Just make sure to clean it up before you cook with it - this means scrubbing the leftover food bits off with water and soap.

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The shallower 10.25" cast iron skillet is slightly thicker metal allowing it to retain heat longer and heat very evenly. It's great for cooking a number of camping foods like bacon, eggs, pancakes, burgers, steaks, etc.. Cooking with Cast Iron Over a Campfire. For the most rustic and authentic cast iron cooking experience while camping.

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Step 3: Heat the Skillet. Now comes the fun part - heating the skillet over the campfire. Place the oiled skillet directly onto the coals or over the flames, ensuring that it's evenly heated. Let the skillet heat for about 10-15 minutes, allowing the oil to bond with the metal and create that coveted non-stick surface.

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3. Cast Iron Frittata. Eggs often make everyone's favorite list, whether around the kitchen table or the campfire. This recipe lets you feed the entire campsite a cheesy, veggie-filled one-pan frittata in minutes. Feel free to swap out veggies and cheeses according to your tastes and available ingredients.

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The great news is yes you can use a cast iron skillet over a campfire. In fact, cast iron cooking and campfires are a perfect match due to the durability of cast iron and its even heating properties. Fast forward to present now that I have made the switch from using a standard mess kit to a cast iron skillet and dutch oven there is no way I'm.

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Cook time: 20 minutes. Photo Credit: Thomas S. from For a fun twist on pancakes, try this Campfire Raspberry Double Dutch Baby. This recipe is easy to make in your Dutch oven and fun to pair with sweet or savory toppings. Ingredients: eggs, flour, milk, salt, sugar, butter, raspberries, syrup. Cook time: 25 minutes.

Summer Cast Iron Skillet Campfire Recipes Domino Campfire dessert

3. Dry the cast iron thoroughly with a towel or paper towels to prevent rust. 4. Heat the pan on medium-low heat over the campfire or on a camp stove for 2-3 minutes to make sure it is completely dry. Because cast iron is a porous material, moisture can still remain in the iron and cause it to rust rather quickly.