Minnesota Seasons American groundnut

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Groundnuts are a perennial leguminous vine, native to eastern north america, that produce strings of numerous edible high-protein tubers. Tubers held over can be grown again for years, and the held-over tuber will grow bigger, the first-year tubers that it produces each year will get larger, and the vines will grow longer.

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To harvest, find the base of the vine and dig around it to find the string of tubers. Small tubers can be left in the soil for next year's harvest. American groundnut tuber, source: James St. John. The best time to harvest is in the fall after the first frost. When the weather cools, the plants will die back and move the sugars from their.

Minnesota Seasons American groundnut

Apios Americana is offered in a full gallon size with free shipping! Also known as American Groundnut, Indian Potato, hodoimo, or Hopniss, Apios Americana is an Eastern U.S. native, perennial vine with edible tubers and seed pods. Easy to grow! Size: True Gallon Shipping: Free! Hardiness Zones: 4-9 Height: 10-20 feet B

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The groundnut (Apios americana) has a wide variety of names, all in regular use. Most often, it's best known as the American groundnut. Historical documents mention the groundnut consistently, and that name has become habitually used. The name hopniss, sometimes spelled hapniss, is said to originate from the Lenape tribe.

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American Groundnut Tubers. $12.95. Groundnuts will ship in early March, 2024. Groundnut tubers are sold by weight in 1 oz bags. The number of tubers will vary depending on the weight of the individual tubers but in general you can expect to receive 3 - 5 tubers per 1 oz bag.

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Apios americana / Groundnut. $ 18.00. Groundnut is a twining, herbaceous vine with ornate flowers and edible tubers. It grows in rich moist soils, usually along bodies of water. Grown as a garden ornamental or food crop, its tubers become large and numerous and compare favorably with potatoes. Host plant for the silver-spotted skipper.

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American Groundnut (Hopniss) from $8.00. sold out. ( Apios americana) Groundnut is an amazing native, perennial vine that makes edible beans and edible tubers. Also called potato bean, this is hard to find locally. While it was an important food source for indigenous people in the northeast (New England), it is no longer as widespread as it.


The American Groundnut can be grown from seed or by planting the tubers, and you'll more often find small tubers for sale rather than seeds. United States. Fedco Seeds (Ordering will resume in early October 2015) Norton Naturals Sand Mountain Herbs (available November - May annually) Europe. Agroforestry Research Trust. Learn More / References

Minnesota Seasons American groundnut

Groundnut - Apios americana. $2.50 CAD. Quantity. Add to cart. Apios americana, or Groundnut (the most widely used name among a number of less common alternatives) is perhaps the best-known North American wild tuber. It is extensively discussed in foraging books, well known to naturalists, and widespread, if a bit difficult to harvest, in the wild.

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Apios americana: A broadleaf deciduous perennial vine, bulb / corm / tuber or fruit / vegetable with green foliage and pink and tan flowers in summer. Attractive to bees and butterflies. To grow well, it prefers sun - mostly shade and even moisture - regular water. Grows best in well-drained, rich, acidic, average and gritty soil. In need of something humidity tolerant and heat tolerant?

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When given the support of a fence or trellis, the American groundnut is an edible treasure. Related post: Unusual cucumbers. To harvest the tubers, wait until the plant has been exposed to a few hard frosts (this sweetens the tubers), dig up a section of the plant, and pull the tubers off the roots. Be sure to leave some of the plant intact so.

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Apios americana is a twining vine native to much of the Central and Eastern US. It has numerous common names: American groundnut, potato bean, hopniss, Indian potato, hodoimo, America-hodoimo, and cinnamon vine. The underground tubers are edible once cooked and have a starchy texture. The flavor resembles potatoes and peanuts. Native Americans used the tubers extensively for food.

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Apios americana (American Groundnut) is a slender, herbaceous perennial climber boasting compact racemes of scented pea-like flowers from mid-summer to fall. Pale brown outside, the blossoms are dark, reddish-brown inside. Borne in the leaf axils, they are followed by edible bean-shaped fruits, 2-4 in. long (5-10 cm) in late summer. The alternate egg-shaped leaves are pinnately compound and.

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Add well-rotted compost to the soil and dig it in deep. The area must be well-draining but able to hold a little moisture. Aim for a pH of around 5.0 to 7.5. Plant American groundnuts in full sun or an area with some afternoon shade. Dappled sunlight is okay, though your harvest will be reduced.

Minnesota Seasons American groundnut

2. Start from tubers rather than seed. To get a faster harvest, start your American groundnuts from 1-2 year old tubers rather than from seed. Plant your groundnut tubers 3-4″ deep in soil amended with compost as soon as you're past your last frost date.

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3-5 Tubers The American Groundnut, or Apios americana, is a perennial vine native to North America, revered for its nutritional and aesthetic contributions to edible landscapes. This plant, deeply rooted in the history of Indigenous peoples and early European settlers, is characterized by its adaptability and ease of